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Does having a lot of listings mean a real estate agent is good at sales?

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Does a good real estate agent have a lot of listings?

Some real estate agents are good at getting listings, but this is not necessarily a true indicator of whether they are successful at sales. If you look at a real estate agent listing page on their website and they don’t have many listings, it may actually be a good sign that they are really good at selling what they do have. Conversely a lot of listings may look impressive at first glance, it makes the agent look very busy with a big portfolio, the truth may be that they struggle to convert listings into sales. It is rare that a listing will state the listing date on the agents own page, therefore you don’t know whether that agent has had that listing for a week, a month or a year. The same also goes with looking at an agent’s ‘sold’ properties, did they sell those properties last month or last year?

The statistics are actually surprising; the long term average of unsold properties sitting on the market is 38 weeks (8.5 months). Remember this is an average, which means that half of the total amount are listed for longer than that. It’s not at all unusual for a listing to sit on the market for a year or even two. While are have all been hearing how properties in Auckland and Christchurch are selling fast, this does not apply to most of the rest of the country.

Listings come to agents from many directions: referrals, rental agencies, walk-ins to the agency, or simply the fact that their blurb on their website appealed to the homeowner more than the other agents researched. You may go to a few open homes to find an agent, and if the agent seemed nice and you notice that the house has sold then you can think they are good at selling. The trouble is you don’t know if it’s the first house they’ve sold in the last 8 months, and was it undersold?

If you walk in to your local agency of a real estate company and ask the receptionist about meeting with an agent, they will consult a roster sheet and put you in touch with whichever agent is due to greet the next ‘walk-in’. Top agents are not very often at their desk, in fact many top agents that we have worked with are in a sense a mobile business, spending the day on the road while their PA works at the office dealing with calls and paperwork.

So how do you know which of the local real estate agents in your area are good at selling, and which ones are not?  Use our service. At Bestagent we research the statistics and agents for you, it’s confidential and it’s free.

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