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How to find a top Real Estate Agent in Auckland

Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand in every sense, has a very high number of Real Estate agents, over 4000 in fact, meaning more than a third of all real estate agents in the whole of the country are located in our busiest and most sprawling city. Why so many?  The size of the market and its potential is a huge draw and with the steady influx of immigrants, and constant building of new subdivisions and expansion initiatives, it’s easy to understand why the number of agents in Auckland is on a steady increase.

At Bestagent ( we’ve observed when conducting our research to find the top local agents for our customers, that agents in Auckland spread their net far and wide. With such a density of agents, all vying for business, it’s not unusual to see an agent that’s based on the North Shore with listings in South Auckland, and vice versa. So if you are thinking of selling, how do you know if the agent that has listed a house in your own street is a local expert?

Alistair Helm on his Properazzi website states that when choosing an agent:

Research, primarily by surveys over the years has found that people tend to rely on prior experience to select their agent. Second most common choice is based on referral from a friend. However despite this feedback from surveys; the most likely process undertaken is the subjective assessment of “who has the most presence in my area” – the agent with the high profile demonstrated by For Sale signs and profile adverts in the paper. However as the saying goes “Never judge a book by its cover” – just because you see adverts for an agent all over the neighbourhood may not mean they are the best agent, or the best agent for you. It just means they are likely to be spending the most money on advertising – themselves.”

Couldn’t agree more! In the same article Alistair Helm goes on to give advice on the steps towards identifying your best agent. Certainly a lengthy (8 step) process involving: researching all the houses in your area that are a similar match to yours and noting the agents; assessing the quality of online adverts created by these agents; narrow the list to 6-10 agents and research the current listings on; researching online biographies of the (hopefully narrowed) list, either on their own website or to get a ‘feel’ for the agents; more research on Google to ensure that they have no shady spots in their history etc

What the advice has missed out of course, is analysing sales data of the agents, the simple reason is because this data is not freely available to the general public. Bestagent is an independent service on the periphery of the industry; we are not agents nor are we connected to any agencies. We do the research for you on the sales data that we have access to and the statistics speak for themselves. In addition to this we research agent’s current listings, their background and industry achievements, making sure throughout that we are matching you up with the agents that best suit you and your property. Alistair, the former CEO of  and now a recognised voice on all matters Real Estate also states:

“It is likely that most people choose their agent with little more than a cursory evaluation, with minimal research and investigation… Considering the fees, the seller will likely end up paying the agent in terms of commission alone upwards of $15,000 to $20,000, you would think more effort and critical performance review of individual agents would be undertaken”.

We understand that not everyone has the time, know-how or confidence to undertake all this research needed to ensure that you and your home are in the best possible hands. At  we do that research for you, for free. Visit us now on the site, or call 0800 76 11 11.

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