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5 Benefits of using Top Real Estate Agents

Selling your property is something you may only do once or twice in your life, you know that you need a skilled and professional salesperson to do the job.  Below are 5 benefits of having top real estate agents working for you.

Benefit #1 – Top Real Estate Agents have excellent communication and negotiation skills

For a period of time, your agent is going to be a constant in your life. Communication is a key aspect to their service. They need to be someone that you feel you can openly talk to, and that they understand you and your wishes. Many of our applicants have come to us to use our service after having listed with an agent and been very dissatisfied, with lack of communication being the biggest issue. Our experience is that all top agents are great communicators.

Negotiation is a true skill. Being in between two parties who invariably start off discussion on different pages and having the ability to reach agreement is a true sign of a good sales person, and is an essential skill in selling real estate.

Benefit #2 – Top Real Estate Agents are experienced marketers in fast and slow markets

Marketing gives your property exposure and the more people you can attract to your property then the better chance of getting it sold or getting a premium price.  Top real estate agents have usually been in the business for at least one property cycle (about 7 years) and are therefore experienced at marketing and selling property in both fast and slow markets.  They will be able to explain different marketing approaches and advise which is most suited for the current market and your type of property.

Benefit #3 – Top Real Estate Agents are already working with buyers in your area

Homeowners are sometimes drawn to the larger agencies with a network of branches, in the belief that they will have ready buyers on their databases. In truth all agencies, no matter how small, have databases with potential buyers, and they might all be the same buyers. People looking to buy don’t have loyalties to agencies or agents as they are product driven, they don’t mind which agency they go through.

Benefit #4 – Top Real Estate Agents often have a team working with them

From our experience, top real estate agents have a small to medium team that they have built around them. Essentially some top agents are a small business in themselves, with a PA, admin assistant, buyers agent etc. The agent is therefore not tied to the office, they can be on the road while their team have their own tasks to do, all working together to make sales happen.

Benefit #5 – Top Real Estate Agents have a track record of success

We believe that statistics speak for themselves. We research sales statistics to identify the top real estate agents in your area so that you know you are dealing with the best agent to market and sell your property.

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