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Should I wait until summer to sell my home?

sell my home in summer

If I sell my home in Summer, will I get more money?

With a strong perception that summer is a better time of year in general, it is common for homeowners to believe that they should wait till late spring/summer to list their property. While the benefits can be that a property will look better in photos taken on a sunny day, and that people do get out and about more in summer, waiting for summer ignores that fact that people move home all times of the year.

The main reasons for moving house are either a new job opportunity has eventuated or moving for family reasons. Neither of these are weather dependent. In fact, if too many property owners do wait for the same time of the year to list their property, the result can be a glut of properties on the market. This does not help the vendors at all as buyers are now in control, having plenty of choice gives them more bargaining power, making it more likely that house prices will have to be dropped to be able to compete.

If you are buying as well as selling you could then offset any losses made, but this is not a reason to delay selling your home for months under the belief that everything is better in the warmer weather. There are some simple ways to make your home appealing in the winter months.

If you are selling in the middle of winter then take efforts to make your home appear warm and welcoming. If you have a fire make sure it’s in good condition and if you can, have it on during Open Homes. Heat the house for an hour before any potential buyers will be coming. Make an effort to emphasise any natural light, if your home has any dark rooms or corridors consider installing either a skylight or a Solatube which can transform dark spaces.  If the colours on your walls are cool and suited more for summer then consider painting warmer colours. The cost of paint is minimal compared to getting your property sold soon after it comes to market and for a good price.

Currently there is a severe lack of homes on the Auckland market yet the influx of people to the city has not changed, consequently properties are flying out the door, and this is in deepest winter. Agents are crying out for listings and house prices are going through the roof in some areas. You are far better keeping in touch with current property statistics and everyday media can give you a good enough idea of what your local market is doing. In addition, use our service! At Bestagent we’ll do the research for you to get the best local agent to sell your home.

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